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Why I'm Writing

In the past ten years, my wife and I have moved around a lot. Different states and different countries. We’ve traveled a lot too. We changed jobs a lot. Changed churches, friends, even children (foster parenting). I’ve read too many books and had too many thoughts.

My beliefs have probably changed as much as my life.

My wife once said we’ve been drinking out of a fire hose for the decade and have never stopped to breath. Or slowed down to think. She's right.

That’s one reason I need to write. To figure out what I believe. I’m writing twenty minutes a day to help me form a habit that I hope will eventually lead to much more than twenty minutes a day and lots of blog posts and newsletters and maybe some books. Definitely with art. Maybe some without.

David Perell says that, “An empty white page is a mirror into your mind. When the ideas in your mind are clouded, so are the words on the page in front of you. Re-writing is re-thinking. It’s the best single best way to sharpen your ideas. And once your ideas are as clear as a Neiman Marcus mirror, you’ll be able to teach them to others.”

I’m not ready to teach my ideas, but I would like to see how they look for myself. I want to be clear-minded. So I’m writing more.

James Clear says, "If you wish you would take something more seriously, do it publicly… Social pressure forces you to up your game.”

Thus, this blog exists.

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