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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Scriptures tell a strange story.

A god descends to earth to take the form of a defenseless embryo amongst enemies. In the womb of an unwedded working-class woman, it grows to a fetus and then is born in a barn. All just to grow up and die at the hands of the ingrates he created. How strange.

I'm trying to develop a writing habit. This is where I'll do it. Some ideas are easier expressed through words than image. Other ideas, through a mix of the two. So here we go with a blog.

Plus, I set a New Years goal of writing for 20 minutes a day, so I needed somewhere to post it.

In some way my writings might have something to do with my art. I wondered what I would write about, what I'll call this blog, if there will be some unifying theme or concept. My art has always touched on so many different topics. And I'm always experimenting with different styles and media. Now, the money-making artists and marketing gurus say I need a singular and intentional brand if I want my art to go somewhere (which I do). Find your niche, they say. I'm not sure how that works, though, when someone has as many artistic interests as I do. (Enneagram 5, I said.)

Some would say I'm scatter-brained and can't make a decision. Others would say I endlessly pursue my curiosities. (I would say both.)

So I was unsure about any common thread running throughout my work until I heard these words from writer David Dark on a podcast, and he was speaking to my soul:

As long as I can remember, my drawings have emphasized the stranger things. In elementary school, Taz, not Bugs or Daffy, was my favorite Looney Tune. Two-face and Clay-face my favorite Batman villains. Maybe it's the middle child in me (or the 4 wing), but I've always been drawn to strange things.

Our bodies are so strange, especially as they age.
What happens to our food and where it comes from...strange

2020's been a strange one. 2021 is off to a stellar start.

So I would hope that my art and my writing would point our attention to the the overlooked and neglected, to the startling and unsettling, the unfamiliar and unnoticed.

Anyway, "any weird true story is good news for beloved community because it invites us to come out of hiding". So I'm going to try to tell those stories more often.

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