a world that eats its children

Updated: Nov 4

There's this challenge that artists do every October where we draw something in ink every day of the month and post it to social media. Inktober. Pretty cool. It's inspiring to see everyone else's work, and it's challenging to have the accountability--just what I need.

And I failed again this year. Been trying to complete this month-long challenge for four or five years now, and every time I drop off around day 15-20. This time though, the excuse was worthwhile. A weekend away celebrating the wedding of a good friend, followed by a surprise short-term foster care placement put the art challenge on the back burner. From beauty to brokenness, and a reminder of why I make art.

It was a wild week, coming off my first weekend away from my one-year-old daughter (this was hard), enjoying a wedding, time with old friends, and making new ones (this was fun).

And two days later my wife and I are wrestling again with a world that eats its children, and trying to find our role in it. That’s what much of my work is about. A world that's uninhabitable for innocence, where vulnerable people are disposable. And what you do in response.