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Studying at Home


I offer live online small group classes and one-on-one sessions on the teaching platform Outschool. I teach Comics, Cartooning, Reading, Writing, and Philosophy.

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You can expect a highly engaging and caring teacher. He was able to review grammar in a way that didn't stifle creativity.

-Satrina V.

My child has grown so much as an artist thanks to Mr. Grissom’s talent and knowledge on the subject. He has a very laidback and easygoing style and shows genuine interest in each student. He teaches by example and gives the kids an up close look on how he does it, while allowing them to develop their own ideas and style. I feel truly lucky to have found him amongst so many options online.

-Karina V.

Such a great class!!! The teacher was so knowledgeable, and my child learned so much during this class! My child was reluctant at first to take this class. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to deliver something good and that everyone's work would be better than his...sigh!....but by the end he felt so proud of himself and confident to share what he created with the class! A true testament to the openness and supportive nature of the teacher! The teacher really knows how to encourage kids to open up and not be afraid to create!and creates a very supportive environment for budding creators! Thanks for for opening my child's horizons to comics creation this summer!

-Violette S.

Kids in Art Class
Anime Sketch

Daniel Grissom is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable teacher. He patiently helped my son with his very complicated essay and went above and beyond in guiding him toward becoming a better writer. He asked many questions that made my son really think about and delve into each part of his essay and offered many useful strategies. To top it off, my son said that he really enjoyed working with Daniel and doesn't want any other tutor! :) 

-Nina K.

Our child LOVES Mr. Grissom! He strikes just the right balance of providing structure and instruction, while still letting kids be kids with their enthusiastic interruptions and tangents. He is a skilled artist who clearly explains and demonstrates key skills to the students in a fun, approachable way. We've seen so much creativity and progress in our daughter's sketchbook since she began taking his cartooning class!

-Emily K.

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